Dispensaries, smoke shops and cash and carries to sell quality pre rolled cones for smoking at a high margin.
Pre-rolls are a high margin item to sell in your smoke shop or dispensary.

Wholesale and Bulk pre-rolled cones

Leading the way by creating an opportunity for dispensaries, smoke shops and cash and carries to sell quality pre rolled cones for smoking at a high margin.

Pre Rolled Cones in Bulk and Wholesale
Wholesale Pre Rolled Black Ball Corp Cones

Pre-rolls continue to lead as the most rapidly expanding product category within the cannabis industry

bulk wholesale pre-rolled cones for your customers






Customers ❤️ Original Pre Rolled Cones®. Offer them in your Dispensary or Smoke Shop.

BUY IN BULK ONLINE or contact a Cones® representative to craft a unique display.

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Introducing the CTIP™ Carbon Filters Countertop Dispense Box — a convenient solution designed to enhance your customers’ smoking experience by delivering optimal flavor while minimizing the presence of harmful substances. This innovative countertop display box empowers customers to select the desired number of filters, promoting familiarity with the product. Each CTIP™ filter is meticulously sealed for hygiene and individual use, ensuring immediate functionality.

Contained within the display box are 500 filters, catering perfectly to both retail environments and devoted smoking aficionados. Available for purchase by the Display, with 8 Displays packaged per case, this product is meticulously crafted to meet your demands. Discerning smokers who seek to savor premium flavors while safeguarding their well-being will find their match in the patented CTIP™ cone-shaped carbon filter—an ingenious solution. By harnessing the power of activated carbon, these filters work to remove harmful substances, preventing their passage into your mouth and lungs.

Elevate your smoking journey with the CTIP™ Carbon Filters Countertop Dispense Box. Embrace a selection that prioritizes quality, flavor, and health—a selection that offers your customers access to these remarkable filters. Elevate your smoking experience today with this indispensable accessory, designed to perfectly complement hand-rolled smokes, staying securely in place due to their distinctive shape.

The CTIP™ Carbon Filters bring forth an array of advantages, including:

  • CTIP™ filters work with ALL ROLLING PAPERS
  • Amplification of flavors, allowing active elements to shine through
  • Delivery of a smoother, milder flavor profile
  • Enhancement of airflow, resulting in an overall improved smoking experience