Pre Rolled Cones in Bulk and Wholesale

Original King Size with CTIP™ Filter

With CTIP™ Filter Bulk Box 500 Cones®


Introducing the Original King Size Cones®, expertly pre-rolled with an aluminum CTIP™ filter that contains activated carbon minerals, ensuring an exceptionally smooth and pure smoking experience. Each cone measures King Size, spanning 109mm, including a 36mm carton tip. Crafted from the finest and thinnest smoking paper available, these cones guarantee a premium smoking encounter. Enhancing your smoking pleasure, these cones come pre-rolled with a CTIP™ activated carbon filter, providing superior filtration and a cleaner smoke. Available in convenient packaging, each box holds 500 Cones®, and each case includes 4 boxes. Embrace the excellence of these cones, offered for sale on a per-box basis.