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Venturing into a world of endless possibilities, Original Cones® offer a symphony of choices with an assortment of PRE ROLLED paper options.

Established in 1995 by Alex and Paulie Velasquez, Black Ball Corp. is a Texas corporation that has fostered affiliations with numerous highly successful entities


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Over the years, Black Ball Corp. has evolved into a stalwart presence within the poster, novelty, and smoking accessory sectors

Our network includes esteemed suppliers such as Zippo, Wildberry, Gonesh, Pure, Punky Colour, Kush, Blunt Wrap, and other exceptional brands. Beyond mere distribution, we take pride in introducing our distinctive labels, namely Road Rage®, Burning Rage®, Nulite®, Stash Tins®, and more, along with an array of offerings meticulously curated to meet the evolving demands of retailers and consumers.

In 2009, Black Ball Corp. embarked on yet another growth trajectory by acquiring an additional company, thereby significantly expanding its repertoire of Novelty, Gift, and Poster Products. A focal point of our endeavors is the ongoing creation and manufacturing of new licensed items, resulting in a constant influx of novel product lines.

In a significant step forward in 2018, Black Ball Corp. acquired its trusted collaborator, Scorpio Posters. With a firm grasp of current client preferences and a knack for identifying industry trajectories, Scorpio Posters specialized in poster products, consistently expanding their licensed selection. Their comprehensive lines encompassed traditional paper posters as well as blacklight UV-reactive velvet posters, securing their position as a leading name in blacklight poster choices. Throughout, Scorpio Posters underscored the primacy of service in business operations. This commitment to service excellence is a torch that Black Ball Corp. pledges to carry forth.

Our status as a family-owned and operated enterprise imbues us with an intrinsic understanding of the value of fostering strong customer relationships. We remain steadfast in our commitment to prompt shipping, delivering quality products at accessible price points, and upholding the highest standards of customer service in the industry.