Pre Rolled Cones in Bulk and Wholesale

Natural King Size Pre Rolled Cones with CTIP™ Filter

Bulk Box 500 Pre Rolled Cones®


Introducing the Natural King Size Cones®, expertly pre-rolled with an aluminum CTIP™ filter infused with activated carbon minerals, ensuring a seamlessly smooth and impeccably clean smoking experience. These King Size cones measure 109mm, which includes a 36mm carton tip, embodying the finest craftsmanship.

Crafted from the thinnest natural smoking paper available, these cones elevate your smoking pleasure to unparalleled heights. Each cone comes conveniently pre-rolled with the CTIP™ activated carbon filter, promising a remarkably refined smoke every time.

Embrace the convenience of our packaging, which offers 500 Cones® per box, and consider that a single case holds 4 boxes. We are delighted to offer these exceptional smoking delights on a per-box basis, ensuring your satisfaction with each purchase.